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Mozpyl10n is a library for L10n operations on Mozilla files written in Python (sic!).

The project currently has no name, and no stable anything, but it has a vision and some code already written.

You can download trunk from or current stage from



  • install django
  • pull mozpyl10n
  • enter ./www
  • prepare
  • python syncdb
  • python runserver

GUI tool

  • install QT4
  • install PyQT4
  • pull mozpyl10n
  • enter ./gui/qt4
  • python

Command line tools

  • make sure you have python 2.5 and python-xml package
  • pull mozpyl10n
  • ./scripts/ en-US1.0 en-US1.5 pl1.0 pl1.5
  • The script will diff en-US1.0 and en-US1.5 and apply the diff onto pl1.0 in pl1.5 directory

Known issues:

  • Currently the feature set is extremely limited because I hardcoded many things to make sure that others do their job.
  • It will not copy non dtd/properties files so you may want to limit the directory choice to the ones with dtd/properties files only.
  • It will not overwrite the files in the pl1.5 directory
  • It does not localize interactively but you can add it with not much work :)
  • ./scripts/ en-US1.0 en-US1.5 --export xml > diff.xml


For stage2:

  • Clean the entirely codebase and simplfy a lot of code pieces
  • Make the code readable
  • Implement in the nice way all the dirty hacks applied "in hurry"
  • Rewrite other ./scripts to make sure the scripts that currently exist works
  • Think what's next.
  • Add support for L20n
  • Support Python 3.0